Fake news era
Tallinn tram
Sevkabel port
Sigmund Freud bar
Levier cafe
Ski magazine
Portrait for photographer 
Peace to Ukraine
Zoloto song cover
Still life illustration
Bolt app
Product still life
Pera Palace Netflix
Tallinn TV tower
Mental health advice cards
Fashion advice cards
Etretat 2022
Landscape illustration
Fecamp 2022
Happy holidays postcard
Merry Christmas postcard
Happy new year 2023 postcard 
About me
Hi, I'm Anastasia and I draw people and places. I convert my traditional painting skills to digital to create atmospheric illustrations and quick sketches. I am interested in but not limited to working in various fields - advertising, magazines, and digital products. Here on my website you can buy ready-made artworks and postcards or contact me and order your unique illustration design.
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